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Cambridge Roundtable

The Cambridge Roundtable on Science, Art & Religion will host a faculty seminar dinner (on the house) and discussion at the beautiful newly renovated MIT Samberg Conference Center featuring Dartmouth Professor of Physics and Astronomy Marcelo Gleiser asking, “Is reality elusive, immersed in mystery, and unknowable?”

The Cambridge Roundtable is by invitation only, and faculty from elsewhere enjoy easily accessed free parking at MIT that is very close to the somewhat elusive Samberg Center on the 6th floor of 50 Memorial Drive (the Sloan School building, newly re-named as the Morris and Sophie Chang Building).

In his new book, Island of Knowledge, Gleiser argues that acknowledging limits is not a deterrent to progress—nor does acknowledging those limits mean that we must surrender to religion. Recognizing the limits of science reveals its true mission: to know the universe is to know ourselves.

Every Cambridge Roundtable seats six guests to a table for dinner, drinks, dessert & discussion after brief remarks from presenters. MIT Nuclear Science and Engineering Professor Ian Hutchinson will be our evening’s “lead-off” respondent presenting his thoughts on Professor Gleiser’s remarks from his perspective as a committed Christian and as an accomplished scientist and scholar. At the close of our evening we include time for questions and comments directed to our presenters.

For questions or comments, please reach Roundtable Coordinator Dave Thom and Roundtable Administrator Christina English at
Though the Roundtable is by invitation only, we are more than glad to work with you as an invited guest to welcome colleagues of yours to participate.
March 8th at 6 p.m. 

The Roundtable is co-chaired by:
Owen Gingerich, Astronomy and History of Science (Emeritus), Harvard University
Robert Randolph, Chaplain to the Institute and Dean, MIT

Roundtable Coordinator:
David Thom, Associate Chaplain, MIT

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